Where Have I Been?

Let me apologize for having been MIA for the last few months. It has not been an easy time. I have been dealing with depression and a major existential crisis. I had family visit me from India for a few weeks and that has left me wounded and scarred. I am still reeling and recovering.

I usually find strength within me to get me through the dark days however, in the past few months, I have had no anchor to hold me down. It has been an endless pit of despair. I know it’s a vicious cycle and the pit only gets deeper the more I give in. Fighting has not been an option, but after two months of apathy, I think I am starting to find some strength. My partner is a constant companion and has definitely helped in getting me back up. So, here I am, not completely recovered, but finally trying to fight. I am going to seek professional help as soon as my financial situation improves. I am not afraid to admit I need help this time around.

Being active on the blog is one of my steps in fighting my depression, so stay tuned for some good posts coming your way.

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