Cerulean Delight

I don’t know if you have noticed a pattern in the books I review – more often than not, these are books that I enjoyed very much. I tend to forget about books that I didn’t like, if they don’t leave a lasting impression then it is hard to review it. Today I am reviewing The House in the Cerulean Sea and this is your spoiler alert.

Two word description – Simply delightful! It has been a while since I have read something wholesome and heartwarming.

I’ll be honest, I started this review over a year ago and though I can’t remember everything I wanted to say, I do remember how the book made me feel. I think that says a lot about a book, that it can leave me feeling these feelings even after a whole year; without having reread it. I would like to finish this review but it will be short.

So this review won’t really delve into the story though I am going to keep the spoiler alert. The biggest impact the book has had on me is its vibe. It’s low stakes yet leaves you feeling satisfied. It gave me a sense of peace to read something that ended in a happy ending deserved by every character.

The writing style is simple and effective. There are enough action scenes and twists to keep you hooked but not so much to cause you anxiety, if you are anything like me. The characters are wonderul. They are well fleshed out and are three dimensional – a difficult task to achieve when there are so many characters and the story is plot heavy.

It’s amazing how relatable the non-human characters are. This book gives me hope for humanity – high praise, I think considering it’s a fantasy novel bordering on magical realism.

I would strongly recommend reading this book especially if you need a happy escape into a colorful world.

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