When I started this blog, I had something else altogether in mind. I thought I wanted to share my story. That is not what I want anymore.

I am going to use this space, instead, to share my thoughts on other stories – real, fiction, fantasy. This is a round about way of saying I will be reviewing books. Perhaps, I can relay some of my own experiences with these reviews.

Growing up I read a lot of books, I read over 2-3 books a week but adult life does not provide such luxury. However, I do not want to stop reading and so two years ago I started taking part in the XX-in20xx challenge. I was able to read 17 books in 2017, I was successfully able to finish 30 books (this includes comic books and a couple re-reads) in 2018, and I have set a goal of 25 for this year.

Back in 2017, when I started the challenge however, I realized I was reading a lot of similar books. I wanted to expand my interests. Last year, I participated in the Read Harder Challenge. I wasn’t able to complete it but it was fun reading books I never would have read otherwise. This year I am doing something a little different.

This year, I am a part of 3 bookclubs. 3 very different bookclubs – one is a feminist bookclub and two with two of my closest friends. All of us have very different interests and I think this will yield some interesting reads.

I will be sharing this space with one of my close friends. We will publish a consolidated review of some of the books. Other reviews will be mostly my own thoughts.


P.S. These are my thoughts and personal opinions. No hate, please. Also most of the photos are ones that I have taken. I am not a photographer, so they may not be of the best quality